Kick the plastic bottles, and switch to all natural solid dish soap!

Honestly, this has been one of the easiest, most enjoyable zero waste swaps we’ve made. We’re so excited for you to try this amazing soap! Simple Alchemy worked on this formula for MONTHS, creating just the right balance so that it cuts grease while being gentle on your hands. They use only the finest plant-based ingredients, including Organic Soapnut Powder for added scrubbing power, as well as gorgeous speckling.

INGREDIENTS: Saponified oils of Coconut, Olive, and Castor; Lavender Essential Oil; Soap Nut Powder; Orange Peel; Safflower Powder; Yellow Brazilian Clay.

CARE+USE: Using a wet brush, cloth, or sponge, rub Solid Dish Soap to build up lather. Wash dishes as usual, and rinse thoroughly. To get the best out of your soap, always allow the bar to dry thoroughly between uses. We recommend using a soap dish with excellent drainage and air circulation.