Linen Scarf | Natural


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These handcrafted, washed linen scarves are lightweight, super soft and stylish and come in several gorgeous colors perfect for any time of year!

In stock

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Washed Linen Summer Scarf for all genders. Softened linen scarves in 27 colours. Hand made from 100% European linen.

All of the linen scarves are unisex. Any man, woman or child will appreciate the softness and delicacy of this pure linen accessory and the color will suit anyone, be it a businessman, student or a housewife.

It's not only the versatility of this gorgeous Garza scarf is sensual softness too. It makes a perfect accent for any outfit, and can even be worn sarong-style on the beach or by the pool. Whichever way you wear it, you'll wonder how you managed without it.


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