Located in Upstate New York is a serpentine road that offers astonishing twists, rolling curves and breathtaking scenic views. On one side of the road is hand-laid stonework walls and on the opposite is the Delaware River. This is known to be “New York’s Windiest Road”.

WHY WE LIKE THIS COFFEE: 100% Arabica, single origin. This is one of the smoothest, most balanced coffee you’ll experience with a hint of nutty. This is a Direct Trade coffee and purchased directly from the coffee farm in Guatemala. We ensure you are drinking ethically sourced coffee, farmers are fairly treated and compensated, fresh green coffee from the current crop season and you know exactly where this coffee is coming from. Bethel is Kafetos family owned coffee farm, located in the highlands on the border of Guatemala and Honduras (4,000+ ft above sea level). Due to the climate, clay and metamorphic volcanic soils provide the perfect conditions for a distinct acidity and good body.