Grandmother’s Salve


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Grandmother’s Salve 2oz.

Locally grown Yarrow, Comfrey, Sweetgrass and Pinon Pine collected from the Navajo Nation. This is a great salve in the winter months for dry skin. It is also wonderful in the summer for calloused hands or scrapes, cuts and bites. Apply liberally to rashes, burns, splinters, insect bites, minor scrapes, healing wounds, dry cracked skin or other ailing body parts. Re-apply often or as needed. Can also be used as a chest rub to clear congestion and open up the lungs. This is a wonderful moisturizer and is popular with men and women because of its deliciously earthy scent.

In stock


Sakari Farms is located in Tumalo, just West of Bend, the heart of Central Oregon. Their farm also houses a unique NW Tribal Seed Bank dedicated to our regional and national Tribal Members only. Sakari Farms is unique in that they grow Native American Tribal Foods, offer on-farm Technical Assistance through their on-farm classes, and implement research based tribal seed production, contract and wholesale growing. Their current growing creations consist of specialty tribal peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, herbs and one of a kind native flowers. Their farm IMPLEMENTS organic and biodynamic growing PRACTICES and holds the Intertribal Agricultural Council’s “Made by Native American” patent certification, they also hold an IAC Regenation (Regenerative Agricultural)certification.


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