• These sassy and sweet matchboxes are the perfect way to light your favorite candle! Makes a nice home decor touch and a fun gift. Each matchbox features beautiful copper or gold foil and holds 30 standard matches. Each matchbook is 2.125" x 1.825" and features a striker strip on the side. Available in the following phrases: BURN BABY BURN LET YOUR SPARK START A FLAME DON'T LOSE YOUR FIRE SEEK THOSE WHO FAN YOUR FLAME BURN THAT BRIDGE AND DON'T LOOK BACK  

    Every candle lover needs a solid wick trimmer and flame snuffer!  It's important to trim your wick to a 1/4" before each burn to ensure the longevity of your candle, as well as to prevent the wick from getting too hot and sooting. Our matte black metal trimmers make it easy to reach your wick down inside the jar to keep it trimmed in between burnings. And when you're ready to extinguish your flame, gently cover it with our matching bell-shaped flame snuffer rather than blowing it out -- you'll get less soot this way, and won't risk blowing embers onto furniture. But individually or as a set to save some $. Makes a great add-on to a candle gift!
  • Say hello to our new favorite candle accessory! These gorgeous matchstick jars are a must-have for every candle lover, and make a beautiful add-on to any candle gift! About 50 2" white-tipped wooden safety matches are packaged in a moisture-tight glass jar with black metal twist cap and striker on the side. Each glass jar features a lovely black vellum label with beautiful white artwork. They’re perfect for pairing with candles and look great on your mantle, table or shelf. Bottle dimensions: 2.75” tall x 2” diameter
  • This gorgeous candle accessory gift pouch is the perfect addition to any candle gift -- and is a must-have for every candle lover! Set includes: + Reusable 8x10" cotton linen logo pouch with drawstring + Matte black metal wick trimmer + Matte black metal flame snuffer + Glass bottle of wooden safety matches (choose from 3 designs, includes striker on side) Use the flame snuffer to safely extinguish your candle after use, and use the wick trimmer to cut your wick to about 1/4" before each burn to extend the life of your candle and reduce soot.

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