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Do you offer local pickup?2021-09-15T16:47:08-07:00
6416 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR 97206

Our studio is located in SE Portland in the Foster-Powell neighborhood. Now that we have a commercial studio space, we are happy to offer local pickup for Portland-area customers who wish to avoid shipping costs.
Currently, if you place an order with local pick-up, we will email you with available pick-up times. Once our retail storefront is also open, we’ll have more availability and a set schedule. For now, our schedule is variable so we’ll be in touch with availability. Thank you!
Do you offer wholesale?2020-08-19T22:22:06-07:00

Yes! We love working with brick-and-mortar shop owners and would be happy to share our wholesale catalog. Please email us for more information.

What makes your candles so special?2020-08-19T22:30:34-07:00

According to studies conducted by South Carolina State University, traditional paraffin-based candles (a byproduct of the petroleum industry) emit toxic chemicals like toluene and benzene, and when lit frequently can lead to respiratory, asthma and allergy problems. Vegetable wax candles, however, proved to burn cleanly and without emitting these toxins.

We only use 100% pure vegetable wax in our candles, made from USA harvested soybeans. Many commercial candles contain paraffin, a petroleum byproduct that emits unhealthy toxins when burned. Many mass-produced candle fragrances also contain phthalates, which harm our body’s endocrine system.

Our pure soy wax burns clean, and we only use phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with essential oils. To top it off, our eco cotton wicks are lead and zinc free. This means you can breathe easy in your home!

Soy wax also produces less soot than paraffin candles, and it’s water soluble, so it’s a breeze to clean out so you can reuse your beautiful jars!

How do I care for my soy candle?2020-08-19T22:49:17-07:00

Each of our candles comes with care instructions. The first time you burn your soy candle, you want to let the melt pool reach all sides of the jar – typically between 60-90 minutes. This will allow the wax to burn fully clean down the sides of the jar rather than tunneling and wasting precious wax. It’s also important to trim the wick to ¼” before each use, as this will prevent sooting and create a steady, stable flame – meaning your candle will last longer and safer. You can use scissors for this, but we recommend using one of our wick trimmers!

How strong are your candle scents?2020-08-19T23:10:28-07:00

We work hard to ensure that our candles have a wonderful scent, both lit and unlit. Keep your candle size in mind. A small candle tin is designed for a small space, like a bathroom or spare bedroom. An 8oz jar will scent a medium-sized room. For a larger room or open space, burning two candles will give the best scent throw. We personally love burning two complimentary scents together, such as Cozy Cabin with Pacific Sunset, Cinnamon Chai with Hazelnut Coffee, or White Sage + Lavender with Rosemary + Thyme. Get creative with your scent combos!

What safety precautions should I follow when burning a candle?2020-08-19T23:56:33-07:00

All of our candles are continually tested for safety. However, it’s important to follow basic safety guidelines when burning any candle. To prevent fire and injury, always burn your candle within sight and extinguish before leaving the area. Keep out of the reach of kids and pets. Burn on a level, stable surface and keep away from air vents, drafts, fabric, drapes, etc. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Burning longer than this can allow the wick to become too long and hot. Once your wax burns down to a ¼” left in bottom, it’s time for a new one. That last bit of wax is a safety measure, and burning down past that can cause the glass to become too hot.

Can I reuse my candle jar?2020-08-20T00:24:17-07:00

Absolutely, and we hope you do! Our beautiful amber apothecary jars make wonderful storage containers to hold makeup brushes, pens, paper clips or anything else. They also make an adorable cactus pot!

To clean out your candle jar, simply fill the jar with warm, soapy water. After letting it sit for a little while, carefully scoop out the wax and wick using a spoon and rinse. Voila!

Can I get customized candles for my wedding or event?2020-08-20T00:27:27-07:00

Yes! We would love to be a part of your special day by creating personalized candle scents and labels! Please email us for more information.

What sort of ingredients do you use in your body products?2020-08-20T00:30:16-07:00

We only use natural, ethically sourced ingredients in our products – such as our organic, fair-trade shea butter and pure essential oils. We source our sustainably harvested beeswax from local Portland beehives, and obtain most of our ingredients from sources right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Do you offer international shipping?2020-08-20T00:40:26-07:00

At this time, we ship to USA and Canada. We are trying to find a way to make international shipping affordable and hope to offer that in the future.

Do you offer local pick up?2020-08-20T00:49:14-07:00

Since we work from a home studio, we do not offer in-person pick up at this time.

Can you teach me to make candles?2020-08-20T14:15:07-07:00

Actually, we’d love to! We offer a limited number of candle-making parties each year in our Portland, Oregon studio. If you’re interested in booking one, please email us.

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